The Geographical Position

The Fiolent Cape is situated in the South-Western part of the Crimean Peninsula. The Fiolent Cape consists of the rocks which have the volcanic origin (the ancient volcano which was active here 150 million years ago). The ancient volcano was much destroyed by the sea, the top of it is covered with limestone, but there are hints of minerals (jasper, cornelian, chalcedony, etc.). The height of the coast varies from 50 to 200 m.

The “secrets” of the Fiolent Cope are fantastic. The sea air and Flora/Fauna of the Fiolent Cope have great therapeutic and emotional influence on a person. Under the influence of the sea air in the human organism increases the protective reaction of the mucous membranes, accelerates the metabolism, increases the amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the blood, activates the work of the respiration organs and blood circulation. As a result, the strengthening of the muscular and nervous systems, as of children and adolescents - the bones become stronger.

The uniqueness of the natural complex of the Fiolent Cape is obvious. The special microclimate of Fiolent, the healing properties of mountain and sea air create the most favorable conditions for rest and improvement of adults, youth and children.